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TWACS - Automated Meter Reading

Rural residents in CCPPD territory have been reading their meters since the lines were first powered up in 1938. With the installation of automated meter reading rural single-phase residents will no longer need to read their meters. Response to the AMR meters has been very positive.

As three phase AMR meters become available they will also be installed across the service territory.

In early 2005, the CCPPD Board voted to purchase an AMR system. The District decided to go with the TWACS system, which stands for Two-Way Automated Communication System. TWACS allows the District to utilize its power infrastructure to transfer data from customer meters.

TWACS is owned by Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI) and is a leader in the AMR industry. It communicates over electric power lines, which provides a low-cost, highly reliable, two-way communication link between the utility and its consumers.

Though the intentions for the AMR system are predominantly to provide readings from rural residential customers, the TWACS system will provide much more. The customers and the District will both benefit from the system, as it is fully deployed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does TWACS work?
A: The TWACS system communicates from the office through a wireless network to the substation sites. From the substation, information is transferred to and from the meter through the power lines then back to the office.
Q: Why do I need a new meter?
A: The TWACS system requires meters with special AMR modules. It is not feasible to retrofit the old electromechanical meters with the modules.
Q: Will my power be shut off?
A: Yes, in order to replace the meter your power will be shut off for about 10 minutes. Once the meter is replaced a door hanger will be hung on your front door stating the date, time and old meter reading.
Q: When can I stop reading my meter?
A: Customers will need to continue reading their meters until their statement says “CCPPD Reads”.
Q: Will TWACS affect any appliances or technology in my home?
A: This system will not interfere with the operation of any home electrical appliances or devices.

Customer benefits

  • Eliminates the need for rural customers to read their own meter.
  • Allows instant readings to be obtained for moves.
  • Eliminates physical re-reads.
  • Eliminates estimated bills and meter readings.
  • Allows more uniform bills.
  • Provides detailed information on electric consumption.
  • Quickens outage response time by pinpointing trouble areas.
  • Aids in reliability monitoring by showing blink counts and verifying voltage.

If you have any questions about the TWACS automated meter reading system contact the office at 402-372-2463 or 877-572-2463.